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Trusted Commercial Refrigeration Services in Kamloops

CAL Geothermal Refrigeration & Heating Ltd is a trusted and licensed company in Kamloops for commercial refrigeration services.

Refrigeration Contractor TSBC Licence # LBP0209110.

Preventative maintenance keeps properly-sized walk-in coolers and freezers working at optimum capacity in extreme temperatures. This maintenance also helps conserve energy and increases the lifespan of your equipment. Our technicians provide complete and effective maintenance of your commercial refrigeration equipment and check for equipment parts nearing the end of their serviceability. Our customer support team will always keep you updated throughout the equipment maintenance process and answer your questions just-in-time. Book our service today.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency

Book a commercial refrigeration checkup service with CAL Geothermal Refrigeration & Heating Ltd in Kamloops. This service involves rigorous cleaning of blades, evaporator coils, and condenser coils, a checkup of electrical components, and refrigerant leak detection. The complete equipment checkup helps increase the energy efficiency of your equipment and save money on utility bills. 

Professional Refrigeration Service

CAL Geothermal Refrigeration & Heating Ltd cares for you and your operations, and provides quick and professional service for your commercial refrigeration units.

Our Testimonials

Professional and Service-oriented

“Cal is extremely reliable, professional, thorough, and honest. He takes great pride in his work, and we have always been thrilled with his services. He is very service oriented, and we feel confident recommending him.”

- Alyssa D.

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