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Certified Furnace Repair and Maintenance in Kamloops

BC Safety Authority advises homeowners to get all gas-fired appliances regularly maintained by certified gas contractors in order for them to operate efficiently and safely. It is recommended that all homeowners and business owners get their gas appliances serviced annually to help prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning - an odourless, tasteless toxic gas, which can lead to death. "CAL Geothermal Refrigeration & Heating Ltd" in Kamloops has certified A-Gas fitter to maintain residential and commercial furnaces. We care about you and your safety and deliver quality and professional furnace services in and around Kamloops. Call us or send us an email to request a furnace repair or maintenance service.

Qualified & Experienced Technicians for Seamless Furnace Operations

To avoid costly repairs, our heating company recommends proper maintenance by a qualified and experienced technician for your furnace's trouble-free and efficient operation. We use an industry-approved checklist during our maintenance and service work to make sure your furnace is given the care and attention it deserves.

Kamloops Heating Solutions

Furnace problems? Our technician will be at your home fast to maintain or repair your heating system.

Our Testimonials

Professional and Service-oriented

“Cal is extremely reliable, professional, thorough, and honest. He takes great pride in his work, and we have always been thrilled with his services. He is very service oriented, and we feel confident recommending him.”

- Alyssa D.

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